GPSAuto 1.0

Monitor your speed

GPSAuto is a PocketPC application for monitoring your current speed and alerting when crossing speed limits. You can use GPSAuto in your automobile (car) for accurate measuring (based on GPS system) of actual speed and getting warning when crossing speed limit (speed limits as well as many other parameters are fully configurable). Unlike it's competitors, GPSAuto offers also automated switching of speed limits based on your actual speed.

GPSAuto main features:

  • Up to 8 configurable speed limits + extra "locked limit" based on actual speed
  • Colour and audible warnings when getting near or over the limit
  • Voice announcing of actual speed limit
  • Manual and automatical switching of speed limits
  • Predefined speed limits for EU and USA
  • Showing actual position and number of satellites in view
  • Recording total and trip distance
  • Metric and imperial units (kilometers vs. miles)
  • Colour schemes for day and night driving
  • User interface with large buttons for easy controlling even in car
  • Optional logging of all values (actual speed, position, altitude, time, distance) into text file with configurable frequency (from 1 second to 10 minutes)
  • Landscape and portrait display orientation support

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GPSAuto 1.0

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